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What is YOUR CAT’S Personality Type? From Bossy Bella to SpontaneousSimba – Experts Reveal the FIVE Different Types


What is YOUR CAT’S personality type? From Bossy Bella to Spontaneous Simba – experts reveal the FIVE different types and HOW you can improve human-feline relations by tailoring your interaction to each unique character

  • Experts have revealed the five common cat personality types and what they mean
  • There are Nervous Nala’s, Outgoing Oliver’s, Bossy Bella’s, Spontaneous Simba’s and Agreeable Alfie’s according to research by eco-cat litter firm Natusan 
  • By appreciating each of these cat personality types, British animal behaviourist, Professor Peter Neville, explains that feline parents can apply dedicated approaches to help improve their cat’s health and emotional wellbeing

Cats can be particular creatures, and pet parents know that their unique purr-sonalities can be very different.

Analysing internal data from over 3,700 cat parents, the experts from eco-cat litter firm Natusan, together with leading British animal behaviourist Professor Peter Neville, have uncovered five common personality personas in cats – Nervous Nala, Outgoing Oliver, Bossy Bella, Spontaneous Simba and Agreeable Alfie – together with their characteristics.

“Understanding your cat’s personality traits and recognising their idiosyncrasies are essential ingredients in maintaining their health and wellbeing”, said Professor Neville.

“Even in the same household, and from the same litter, our furry friends can be like chalk and cheese when it comes to their individual behaviours and preferences.

“Like humans, the more we appreciate what makes them tick, the more we can fine tune our interactions, and create environments that encourage them to thrive by accommodating their social and emotional needs.

“Reducing and removing sources of stress plays a big part here. And something as unassuming as a litter tray can be a notable source.”

“Cats are fastidiously clean souls, so the quality, hygiene and even position of their toilet can make a huge impact on their happiness.”

“It’s also worth noting that things we humans see as “undesirable” feline behaviours are in fact normal and natural responses for a cat – but can just occur at times or in places that we pet parents find inconvenient.”

With one in four saying they live with an Agreeable Alfie and 22 per cent recognising they live with a Bossy Bella. Which cat do you live with?

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