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What is YOUR CAT’S Personality Type? From Bossy Bella to SpontaneousSimba – Experts Reveal the FIVE Different Types



Cats with this type of personality are much more extroverted and often noisier than most. Internal data from Natusan found that 36 per cent of cat parents said their four-legged friend verbally welcomes them when they get home.

They learn quickly that we humans respond most to vocal communication, and that we pay them more attention when they ‘talk’ to us.

Outgoing Oliver’s become far louder with us than their own kind and simply up the volume and frequency until we respond to their needs.

They can also get into the most trouble due to that extrovert exploratory nature.

Their lower boredom threshold can lead to attention-seeking and sometimes destructive behaviour, in their efforts to reach and maintain a happy mood state.


Work hard at play. Frequent short daily play sessions can work well here, providing plenty of different types and textures of toys.

Reward desirable social behaviour with loving praise and their favourite treats – and use the same treats to distract your cat’s attention away from carrying out unwanted behaviours.

“Baby”-proof your home. If your cat has a naughty habit of opening cupboards and doors, invest in kid-proof door stoppers to keep what’s inside from falling into the wrong paws.

Keep distractions close to hand. A strategically-placed scratching post or climbing centre will help refocus your cat’s activity whilst helping to preserve the longevity of your furniture.

Never shout at or punish your cat physically for any unwanted behaviour, as this will only confuse them and make them unsure about your approach and love for them.

Instead, if your cat gets a little too excitable, have them chase a toy or treat into another room and close them in for a few moments for a ‘time out’ until their zoomies calm down (just make sure it isn’t where you keep your priceless art…)

Then let them back in to share your company and offer gentle stroking or a hide and seek game for hidden treats.

Be patient, especially with young cats, and remember, big energy outbursts are normal – never acts of spite or mean-ness. Your furry friend is quite incapable of such contrived negative feelings towards you!


Nervous Nala’s have a more delicate disposition and can be more highly-strung than others.

They can also be the most shy of cats – and according to Natusan’s research, one in four respondents revealed the character their cat would most likely play in a film would be ‘The Shy Kid’ (25%). Over time, and with the right support, these cats can become just as confident and cuddly as any feline, albeit only to those they truly love.


Give Nervous Nala’s space – Boxes, cat tunnels and other “safe spaces” are very important to nervous cats – they love a hiding spot to retreat to in order to relax and re-centre.

Also provide several high ‘perches’ and shelves for them to sit on and peruse the world from a safe vantage viewpoint. Being high up means escaping ground level challenges – such as the dog and kids – and can provide safety for anxious cats.

Be patient. Nervous Nala’s may only enjoy attention and cuddles when they initiate it, so always be ready to respond – and never pursue them to force attention on them.

Make a routine. This personality type especially takes comfort from predictability of mealtimes and playtimes at home. Also, be sure to never disturb them when they are sleeping or resting in their ‘safe places’.

Reduce “triggers”. If possible, try to determine and avoid things that may cause anxiety for your cat. For example, if your cat is scared of the hoover, take them to another room before flipping the switch.

You can’t scoop the litter box too often. Stress has been fingered as one of the biggest causes of urinary problems in cats. Fastidious about cleanliness, it’s not surprising that a urine-soaked tray could be the root of their anxiety.

Highly scented litters can be off-putting, as can course textures that may irritate the paws. Natural biodegradable clumping litters like Natusan not only do a stirling job of soaking up the powerful ammonia smell, making it easier to maintain. It’s plant-based formula means it is also fragrance-free and soft on feet.

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