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What is YOUR CAT’S Personality Type? From Bossy Bella to SpontaneousSimba – Experts Reveal the FIVE Different Types



This persona is the very definition of a “cool cat”. Super chilled, sociable and with plenty of the laissez-faire attitude that cats are known for.

This agreeable personality is usually the result of proper socialisation as a kitten.


Consider expanding the family. Agreeable cats are perfect for multi-cat households, often taking younger cats under their wing and passing on good habits. This type of cat is the ideal role model for newer additions, particularly rescues who can re-learn behaviours much quicker than from humans.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working. A well-adjusted cat can provide an endless amount of comfort, care, calm and cuddles. Just know that it’s incredibly rare that a cat will fetch your slippers.

“Of course it goes without saying that every cat is unique and has its own personality, just like us!” continued Professor Neville.

“Felines have evolved to be solitary hunters while maintaining variable – but often very large – social capacity, both with people and their own kind.

This combination helps account for the massive range in personalities and why every cat forms such a unique relationship with their pet parent.

“Being attuned to your cat’s personality can help you to understand their individual needs and personal likes – and dislikes -, which is one step closer to purr-adise.”

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