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Daily Dose Of Cute: Kitten Named Pancake Plays With Italian Greyhound Friend


These two charming close friends demonstrate that the old platitude about “battling like crazy” doesn’t generally apply. Flapjack and Cantaloupe seem like best mates forever, and it gives us the warm fuzzies to see them play. Offer this video with somebody who could utilize a grin today!

The video of Pancake and Cantaloupe may make them consider getting back a canine ally for your own feline. Be that as it may, before you do, follow a couple of tips to ensure they have an extraordinary early introduction!

Acquainting A New Dog With Your Cat

A white feline hitting or smacking a white Italian Greyhound pup or canine.

(Picture Credit: Melissa Ross/Getty Images)

In case you’re getting back another textured relative, you’ll need to ensure they get an opportunity to coexist with your different pets, particularly in the event that they’re of an alternate animal varieties.

The best activity is get going with a feline and canine when they’re both youthful. In the event that they grow up together, they’ll have a far simpler time getting along.

In any case, perhaps you’ve just got a grown-up kitty. How might you approach bringing another canine home to meet them? Here are a few hints:

Consider embracing a grown-up or senior canine. Pups may have an excess of energy for your feline.

Pick a canine with a low prey drive. You don’t need them pursuing kitty around constantly!

Ensure your feline has a spot to withdraw. A few roosts or kitty townhouses will keep them out of little guy’s span.

Give your kitty their own space. Ensure their bed, litter, food, and water are well away from the doggo.

Get them used to one another’s aroma. Rub a material on each pet and spot it in the other’s resting zone or close to their food bowl.

Allow them to examine each other’s joint spots once they begin to feel good.

Make the presentation through a child entryway or entryway. On the off chance that they appear to be intrigued and sniff one another, let them meet without the infant door, yet control the canine in the event of some unforeseen issue.

Allow them to warm up to one another. These things require some investment!

For an all the more full, total rundown of guidelines, look at our article about making canine feline presentations here!

Does your feline love to play with a pup pal? Do you have any tips for aiding canines and felines coexist with one another like Pancake and his buddy do in the video? Tell us in the remarks beneath!

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