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Exploring the Enigmatic Abandoned “Red Star” Train Graveyard


Step back in time and discover a hauntingly beautiful relic of Hungary’s railway history, the Red Star Train Graveyard. Located on the outskirts of Budapest, this abandoned depot was once a bustling hub of activity where older wagons and locomotives were repaired and restored before being moved to the Budapest Railway Museum. However, WWII and the advent of modern trains took their toll on the depot, and it was progressively abandoned.

Today, the Red Star Train Graveyard is a mesmerizing sight, with a wide region housing more than 100 abandoned locomotives and railway wagons. Visitors can explore two large depots, a few smaller sheds, and a wide-open area where the trains are left to the mercy of the elements. The collection of dilapidated trains is quite varied and can prove fascinating for those interested in trains.

The site includes rare Hungarian MAV 424 steam engines, German freight cars, and Soviet cars from the 1960s. Intrepid explorers can unearth ancient railway tickets within some of the newer cars. A red star on the front of a handful of Hungarian steam engines is how the location gained its moniker among the locals.

While the trains themselves are stunning, there is also some interesting railway infrastructure to discover, including brick and wood viewing towers and painted signage positioned along the length of the station.

However, trespassers beware – the southern end of the property is still in use, and a barbed wire barrier surrounds the perimeter. In the summer of 2017, guards and dogs were added to the security measures, making entry to the site even more difficult. But if you have the necessary documentation, you can still gain access to this distinctive local attraction.

Laurie Mitchell, an avid traveler and urban blogger, captured the stunning photographs of the Red Star Train Graveyard for her blog, My Radiant City. Her blog chronicles historical events, saving historic structures, and establishing livable communities for everybody.

Step into the past and discover the haunting beauty of the Red Star Train Graveyard – a must-visit for anyone interested in trains and history, and an unforgettable experience for anyone seeking adventure and exploration.

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