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How to claim medical expenses in your reimbursement insurance


Before explaining the different options that exist to claim the medical expenses of reimbursement insurance, it is necessary to comment on what exactly this type of policy consists of. In particular, reimbursement of medical expenses insurance offers the client complete freedom to choose the specialist and Hospital Center he wants anywhere in the world or can also go to the services recommended by the company.

In case of choosing a professional or hospital outside of the company, it guarantees the reimbursement of the expenses that have originated, up to the limit established in the insurance conditions that in most cases range between 80 and 90 percent. However, when opting for a recommended service, it is only necessary to identify yourself as an insured with a medical card.

In addition, the insured under this modality can access other special services at no additional cost, provided that it is through the recommended medical services. These include basic dental coverage, podiatry, osteopathy, preventive medicine, the biomechanical study of gait, or assisted reproduction.

Documentation to claim medical expenses for reimbursement insurance

With reimbursement insurance, if the user chooses an option outside the medical setting must pay the cost of the consultation or treatment and subsequently request its reimbursement. The process of requesting expenses varies from one company to another, although all have in common that they require their customers to submit the original invoices where the amount and concept are reflected. In addition, it is also common to complete a request form and provide other information that the insurer asks for.

To request the claim of medical expenses when they have occurred in service outside those recommended by the insurer, it is essential to pay attention to the application form. This document contains all the information necessary for the correct processing of the corresponding refund. Therefore, at the time of going to the doctor, it is necessary to take this form with you so that it signs and points out the precise data.

In this form, there is also room for the policyholder to specify his contact details and the bank details where he prefers to pay the expenses, together with his signature. In addition to this paper, do not forget to attach the original invoice for the service.

Ways to claim medical expenses in reimbursement insurance

Once the above documentation is available, one of the ways that all insurance companies make it available to users is ordinary mail, always using the application envelope provided. Likewise, customers also have the possibility to submit the request for a refund in any office that belongs to the corporate network.

In order to streamline this and other procedures, many companies have enabled within their websites a customer area so that each user can access with a password and request reimbursement of medical expenses. In the case of MAPFRE, the insured can notify this request online, as well as send electronically the invoices of their medical consultations so that the return of them is managed.

In this way, you just have to fill out a short form and attach the images of the invoices to start the process of processing the service. Thanks to the agility of this route, in a short space of time the customer receives the confirmation of the payment or the notice that some documentation is missing.

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