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How To Fall Asleep Fast – Things That Improve Sleep Duration


It is not easy to fall asleep fast when you are in a hurry. This is why so many people prefer to use various kinds of insomnia cures instead. But have you ever wondered how to fall asleep fast using the military technique? Here is how to fall asleep fast using the military technique.

how to fall asleep fast

First, relax your entire body and then close your eyes. Start with your head, relaxing your entire body then tense the various muscles in your body steadily. At first, this might seem a bit strange but it has the benefit of helping you fall asleep faster. You can do this while in the bedroom. Or even in the car if you have a good sleep hygiene.

The second step on how to fall asleep fast may sound a bit strange but it actually makes sense. When you are in deep sleep, it is very difficult to stay awake. You may think that your thoughts are racing and you feel very anxious. However, it is best to relax and try to stay as still as possible.

The next thing to do to fall asleep fast is to take a short warm bath. It is advisable to take a warm bath before bedtime. A short warm bath relaxes your entire body including your neck. Then, it is highly recommended lie down flat on the bed and then inhale the steam from the hot bath. While doing this, you must pay attention to your breathing. Breathe deeply and then slowly exhale taking about five minutes.

Inhale the steam from the blue light and then go back to sleep. As mentioned previously, it is advisable to relax your entire body including your neck. You may lie down flat on the bed while inhaling and exhaling for about five minutes.

The third thing you need to do when learning how to fall asleep fast is to take a short, deep, and calming walk. Start by walking about half a mile. When you reach the end of the walk, it is advisable to count sheep, followed by closing your eyes. Do this exercise about ten times. As the count begins to get small, immediately open your eyes and you will fall asleep in no time at all.

The fourth step, you need to learn when learning how to fall asleep fast is to avoid stimulating the senses. Do not watch television, listen to music, or read any books when sleeping. When stimulating your senses, you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night. In order to avoid waking up in the middle of the night, put on some relaxing music or take a warm bath.

The fifth and final step on how to fall asleep fast is to ensure that you have a better sleep environment. This means that you should not strain too much when trying to fall asleep. Straining will only cause you to feel more tired. So if you have to stretch out, do so! You can do this with the help of a stretching tape or your muscles.

Once you have mastered these five steps, you are now ready for the sixth step, which is to completely relax. You can do this by taking deep breaths while remaining completely calm. Continue to do this until you feel yourself becoming completely calm. While still being completely calm, you can now close your eyes.

If you successfully took a nap after one hour of rest, then it would be good to do so again for another twenty-four hours. When you finally fall asleep, your body will still be fully awake. By keeping yourself awake for such a long time, you might make yourself feel sleepy even though you are not really asleep. Even though you are still awake, you will not be able to fall asleep quickly because you were always awake. This will only cause you to lose sleep even more.

When learning how to fall asleep fast, you have to also set a bedtime for yourself. Set a good night’s time and stick to it. Some people like to get up in the middle of the night and go to a quiet spot to read or to do nothing at all. You can learn how to fall asleep fast by setting a routine so that your body knows that it is time to get to bed.

How to fall asleep faster, does not only depend on the steps that you take, but also on your attitude. Learn how to be positive about it by doing something enjoyable before bedtime. The best way to improve sleep hygiene is to not eat or drink anything over a period of two to three hours before you are supposed to go to bed. This would help improve sleep hygiene. However, if you do not have a lot of money for improving your sleep hygiene, then try doing a few things that would help.

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