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How To Get Rid Of Trapped Wind In The Abdomen


The question of how to get rid of trapped wind in the stomach has been causing problems for years to people in the western world. It causes a lot of distress for those who have it also makes a great big impact on their daily lives. This problem is very difficult to cure, but there are treatments that people use that can help to get rid of the problem fairly quickly.

how to get rid of trapped wind

A good diet is essential if you want to know how to get rid of trapped wind in the stomach. Food that causes wind trapped in the stomach includes fatty foods, chocolate and spicy foods. Eating certain foods that cause wind trapped in the stomach can cause stomach bloating, which is known as gas or indigestion. You can easily get rid of abdominal bloating from home by performing some basic abdominal massages, it’s been said.

Having excess gas and indigestion can cause your digestive system to become blocked up, which in turn causes your tummy to become bloated. When your tummy gets blocked up your liver doesn’t get any business carrying out its job, which means it can’t remove the excess gas and indigestion. Tummy bloatedness can cause severe discomfort and because most people don’t fully understand about how the whole digestive system works, they put the blame on everything else.

One way that the stomach can get stuck up is by having undigested food and fat in it. Eating too much food in a short period of time means that it becomes undigested and partially digested. This causes gas to be produced because the liver isn’t getting its job done. As more undigested food is produced, more gas is produced and so on. This is why people get bloating and you can usually tell that it’s not good digestion when they are feeling sick or generally uncomfortable because of it.

There are simple exercises that you can do at home that will help ease up the symptoms. For bloating and excess gas relief, simply lay down and try to calm your tummy down. Sit on the edge of a chair or cross your legs and put one leg out in front, resting on the floor. Then tilt your head forward slightly and look forward as far as you can without turning your neck. Repeat this several times.

If the above exercises for relieving abdominal and digestive symptoms don’t work for you, then you should consider taking medication. Anti-anxiety drugs may be prescribed by your doctor and if you feel that this may be causing your symptoms to worsen, then you should avoid taking them as much as possible. If you are feeling less than stellar because of your digestive symptoms then you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor as he/she may be able to provide alternative treatments. You can also discuss how to get rid of trapped wind with your doctor.

Some people experience symptoms when they eat certain foods. If you know that this is one of the causes of your bloating and gas, then you should make an effort to eliminate these foods from your diet that can greatly relieve your symptoms. Some of the foods that are known to cause gas and bloating are cow’s milk, bananas, cabbage and cheese. If you are eating certain foods to get rid of trapped wind then you should avoid eating them at all costs. However, there are many other foods that will not aggravate your symptoms and so you should include them in your diet as well.

One of the biggest causes of trapped wind is eating a lot of chunky, starchy and fatty foods. If you are suffering from symptoms such as bloating and gas, then you should severely limit the amount of starchy foods you eat. By reducing the amount of these foods consumed you can dramatically reduce your symptoms. This includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are full of vitamins and minerals and will help your body to get rid of the symptoms.

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