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How to Pick Furniture That Cats Won’t Scratch


Astute feline watchmen realize that to stop cats from scratching furniture, one should give right incitement and options in contrast to scratching. Felines love very much planned scratching posts, and the situation of such options in contrast to furniture can have a significant effect. I’ve done this, and my felines don’t trouble my new furniture by any stretch of the imagination.

Felines are additionally astute about discovering options in contrast to scratching posts. My female Jamie loves to hone her paws on this plastic non-slide base for the feline water bowls.

Its little stubs are sufficiently hardened to give the surface that she prefers.

Imagine a scenario in which we took that idea the other way. Would you be able to pick furniture that felines won’t scratch? In particular, I puzzled over whether furniture containing all the more hard surfaces would do this, or furniture whose texture has no “rest” (or clear surface). There’s likewise microfiber. My better half and I purchased a microfiber love seat, and the felines show no interest in it.

I asked a few furniture specialists and got heaps of thoughts. Reactions shifted, and some negated one another. In any case, you will presumably get a few thoughts for what to attempt.

What textures will shield felines from scratching? Photography © liveostockimages | iStock/Getty Images Plus.

Felines won’t have any desire to scratch furniture with full upholstery and recessed legs

Sean Juneja, fellow benefactor and CEO of Decor Aid, offers this tip: Look for completely upholstered pieces with wood or metal recessed legs.

“The best textures are ultrasuede and calfskin, in light of the fact that a feline can’t paw into these,” Juneja said.

Dodge textures that catch effectively, for example, tweeds. It’s likewise hard to eliminate pet hair from these sorts of finished textures.

Inquired as to why full upholstery is significant, Juneja said it shields felines from ripping at from any wood on the furnishings.

“While most incline toward something they can shred, there are felines that favor wood,” Juneja said, and recessed legs are not open since they are covered up and more modest.

These seats are covered with ultrasuede.

Photograph by means of Decor Aid

Furthermore, here is a cowhide sofa and metal tables.

Photograph by means of Decor Aid

Feline proprietors ought to pick furniture that holds its wear well

Chandler Elmore of Kuni Furniture had comparative guidance on picking furniture that “holds its wear well,” despite the fact that he was more negative about calfskin.

“The more a piece has of glass, metalwork and wood, it will wear in a way that is better than calfskins and softened cowhides, which are normally fair materials,” Elmore said.

He brought up that the “most horrendous materials for furniture” incorporate chenille, velvet, fleece, cloth, silk and tweed.

Another master advocates for calfskin, meager carpets and feline furnishings

Donna Arbietman of Magnolia Brook said she gets numerous inquiries regarding felines and furniture, and that while each feline is unique, she offers these rules:

Felines when all is said in done don’t appear to like calfskin as much as different materials. “Cowhide is not difficult to clean and keep up, so it is consistently a sure thing.” Arbietman proposed applying scratch gatekeeper to the calfskin.

Shaggy and jute mats are the “ideal jungle gym for felines to manage their nails on and have a good time, so stay with more slender mats with less hair.”

Give your felines feline posts and a feline bed close by. “At the point when felines have their own furnishings, they will be less disposed to destroy yours.”

Feline guardians should pick chenille versus microfiber

Mike McCann of Wholesale Bar Stool Club says flimsy microfibers, which are regularly the most affordable things, are handily destroyed by felines with paws.

“Microfibers are intended to be effectively cleaned of stains and spills, not suffer penetrates or keep going for broadened timeframes,” McCann said.

He said he accepts that with felines, a chenille texture is ideal: “It is more solid and will withstand more maltreatment from creatures. It could be somewhat harder to clean, however it will outlive its less expensive microfiber partner.”

This repudiates the guidance of Kuni Furniture’s Elmore above.

With regards to furniture, feline proprietors should keep it basic

At last, Tamalpais NatureWorks suggests particular furniture made of wood and steel joinery. William Callahan considers it the world’s best and simplest to keep up furniture for individuals and pets.

“On the off chance that a kitty (or a canine) devastates a table leg, just put another one in its place,” Callahan said.

None of this furniture is upholstered, making it simple to clean and fix.

The reality on furniture that felines won’t scratch

Few out of every odd suggestion will work in each circumstance. These furniture experts had numerous thoughts, including two that negated each other. We realize that felines change as well — a few felines may paw cowhide, some may not.

Advise us: Do you have any imaginative thoughts or guidance for picking furniture that felines won’t scratch? What furniture have your felines scratched and what furniture have they left alone?

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