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Is dental insurance worth it?


The goal of taking out dental insurance is not just to look pretty with well-placed white teeth. In addition, the mouth should be considered as a part of the body that has to be taken care of to avoid future conditions that can even lead to the development of serious diseases.

In Spain, public health covers certain services, although in many others it is necessary to go to a private clinic. Since it is necessary to undergo periodic reviews and some dental treatments with some assiduity that have a high cost in many cases, with dental insurance you can enjoy a wide list of treatments without having to pay a high price for each of them.

What should dental insurance include?

To benefit from considerable savings in dental insurance it is advisable that the policy includes the following coverages:

  • Dental services include general and preventive dentistry, Stomatological and periodontic surgery, radiology, as well as the possibility of access to reduced rates in certain services.
  • Guarantee of the materials used in the treatments, including implants.

In addition to the usual consultations, it is interesting that dental insurance offers the possibility of accessing new techniques, such as what is known as dental CT and which refers to special radiology that is used when the standard is not sufficient. On the other hand, having an oral assistance phone to resolve doubts at any time is a guarantee of dental health care.

Advantages of taking out dental insurance

The savings that can be achieved with dental insurance depends on the type of policy, depending on whether it is more or less complete to access the coverage that is needed. In this case, it is advisable to analyze how many times you go to the dentist if it is a family with children of growing age, the most common problems that you have in the mouth, etc.

In addition to accessing a wide network of specialized clinics with a reduction in rates or directly at no cost, we must not forget that, in most of these policies, dental assistance for children under 15 years is free except for orthodontics that is offered with reduced deductibles. Since it is one of the groups that most need to go to this specialist, the outlay on their care is considerably reduced.

Likewise, by hiring a dental policy it is also possible to perform the treatment or intervention that is accurate just in time, without waiting for long waiting lists. As we mentioned before, insurance patients can choose from a wide range of medical staff at the national level to have the peace of mind that they can count on specialized care regardless of where they are located.

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