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Relationship between food and sports performance


At the general level, all people need natural food to function optimally, leaving aside as much processed food as possible. However, the relationship between food and sports performance is much more important in the case of those who dedicate body and soul to the physical competition. In addition to training to increase endurance, it is also essential to focus on Complete Nutrition.

It is obvious that high-performance athletes need higher levels of nutrients than a normal person due to intense physical exercise. To meet the demand that your body needs, the most common are to follow a personalized program that helps to progressively increase your performance. In the event that there is a food deficit, endurance can be reduced and cause negative health effects, such as loss of muscle mass, chronic fatigue, or lack of energy.

Basis of sports nutrition

Optimal nutrition is one of the keys to sports performance. The energy that professional athletes need to meet their basic needs, as well as those that they require in case of physical exertion, are obtained from the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates, also known as carbohydrates or carbohydrates, are responsible for providing immediate energy to the body, so it is one of the basic foods of any athlete. Depending on the level of exercise, the supply of these foods should be in lines, such as rice, bread, potatoes, or pasta. Although each person needs a personalized follow-up, it is recommended to consume carbohydrates daily to recharge the body’s energy.
  • Glycogen is usually defined as the gasoline of the body. It is the way through which glucose is stored in the body and can be divided between muscle and liver glycogen. In the first case, it is extremely important when it comes to supplying the precise nutrients so that the muscles can perform sports activity and in the second, its function is to regulate blood glucose levels.
  • Hydration is also part of sports nutrition, so any high-performance athlete must have water as the reference liquid to consume constantly. Also, some energy drinks are recommended that contribute to improving physical capacity, especially in those moments of greater preparation.
  • Fat is another type of fuel for the body, although it usually has a bad reputation. It is advisable that each high-performance athlete has established a caloric contribution in his diet depending on his physical characteristics and the activity he develops. However, the percentage of fat should not exceed 30% or if it is a high-endurance sport, 35%. In addition, it is advisable that most of this nutrient is of plant origin.

In short, it is necessary to combine certain basic foods that provide the corresponding calories and energy to develop a high Sports Performance. Among these essential products are fruits and vegetables, although you can not forget the protein that certain meats and fish provide for any athlete. When making a varied menu it is advisable to choose foods that contain the most suitable nutrients and properties so that the body remains active at all times.

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