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The importance of choosing a good pediatrician


During the first years of a child’s life, the medical specialty of Pediatrics becomes a great ally of parents. In the initial stage, it is quite frequent to go to the health center, so it is essential that the pediatrician is a trusted person with whom you can establish a sincere relationship to be calm at all times.

This specialist not only performs an essential function when the child is sick, but it is also vitally important to come to him in other cases. The help and advice of the pediatrician are more than necessary in matters related to upbringing, education, growth, and development. In addition to making diagnoses and prescribing medical treatments, he also acts as an advisor to new parents, above all, resolving all their doubts and dismissing any concerns they may have regarding the care of their children.

Tips to choose a good pediatrician and take care of your baby’s health

  • Although the recommendations made by pediatricians are based on scientific studies, they sometimes vary from one to the other. Therefore, it is essential to choose one whose way of solving problems is in line with the preferences of the family regarding the upbringing of the child, mainly in matters related to food and breastfeeding.
  • The pediatric consultation should not be a space in which you speak in another language. This specialist should be aware that he is dealing with people who do not understand the jargon of medicine, so he should be clear and make himself understood.
  • It is essential that this doctor is a patient person with children and parents, who transmits safety and is understanding.
  • Before any emergency arises related to the health of the small, it is very important that, in addition to the hours of consultation, it is possible to have access to a guidance pediatric 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to receive help and advice in all things related.
  • Given the importance of the first years for the correct development of the child, a good pediatrician should be chosen. This translates into the continued follow-up of the baby to monitor vaccinations, weight and height, and disease prevention.
  • Beyond treating potential conditions, the fact that the pediatrician is interested in knowing how the pregnancy and childbirth happened, as well as asking about other issues, such as the family’s health history, is a positive point to know that a good decision has been made.
  • When choosing a pediatric service in a health center, it is necessary to take into account the proximity to the home to have the peace of mind that it can be reached quickly if the little one needs urgent assistance.
  • It is important to learn about the training and experience that the specialist has. In this regard, the opinions of other professionals and acquaintances are of great help in getting the decision right.

In short, most of these points can be checked at the first appointment with the pediatrician where direct contact is maintained between the doctor, the parents, and the child. If as time goes by, there are gaps in care, you can always change specialists.

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